Antique Berry Pages


Our jewelry keepsakes are made from torn and ripped pieces of paper, which reflect the ever changing journey we go on through life–and the importance of finding hope, strength, and peace along the way. God takes even our worst moments and creates something beautiful from those experiences. Our jewelry symbolizes God’s love and his desire to help us through the toughest moments in life. Do you want a constant reminder of this love and the hope, peace, and strength to carry on? If so, our Antique Berry Pages jewelry keepsake–which is made from torn pages beads in dark beautiful shades of red–is the perfect choice. 

This Keepsake was made by hand with 100% recycled torn and ripped pieces of paper, sealed in Varnish. It’s a reflection of the pages that have been torn and ripped in our lives. HOWEVER, God can take the torn pages of our lives and Create something beautiful in his caring hands, filling us with, HOPE, PEACE & STRENGTH