Blackberry Pages


Blackberry Pages is a captivating piece of jewelry made from torn and ripped pieces of paper in dark, deep shades of blue that will help you find hope, peace, and strength during the most challenging moments of your life. Our jewelry is a reflection on the torn pages of our own life and how God can help us find the beauty within the darkest moments of our life. Torn Pages expresses how God shapes the torn pages of our lives into something truly beautiful. This piece features a beautiful strand of torn page beads in remarkable shades of dark blue. 

This Keepsake was made by hand with 100% recycled torn and ripped pieces of paper, sealed in Varnish. It’s a reflection of the pages that have been torn and ripped in our lives. HOWEVER, God can take the torn pages of our lives and Create something beautiful in his caring hands, filling us with, HOPE, PEACE & STRENGTH